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The Intersection of Easy...

Lately I’ve had this dis-ease (call it malaise, if you prefer) that has only recently come into focus. I’ve been trying to trace it roots. Wonder how long I’ve had it; how long it’s likely to last. Is it going to do permanent damage? Could it end up being disabling in some way? Surely, I don’t deserve this - It’s uncomfortable

In a life that has had its share of struggles, challenges, mishaps and trauma (no kidding on the latter), what I’m noticing is that there are a few things that come easily for me. Easy? What the **** is that? (Let’s get clear on one distinction, ‘Easy’ and ‘without effort’ are not the same thing.)

Here’s what I realize, intent as I am on the struggle, striving, pushing and driving:

That I do my very best work in the zone of what comes ‘Easy’ for me –

‘Flow’ sits clearly at the intersect point between my...

Knowing and wisdom,

Creativity and groundedness,

Doing and being,

Breathing and stretching,

Expanding and being enough

As I reflect upon the myriad conversations I have with clients, colleagues and friends,

I feel compelled to ask:

· Just how much of our identity is tethered to struggle and achievement?

· Are we discarding and discounting that which is special and uniquely ours?

· How does worth(lessness) have us by the tail?

· What would it be to live and work from that which flows out of us easily?

· Isn’t that which comes naturally, creatively and with ease exactly what we want to value and be doing more of?

Like the fine tuning of a non-digital fuzzy radio signal, I plan to take care to turn the dial to that just-right place where Flow lives – that energy-infused, creative, vital place where what I know, who I am, what inspires, what wants to happen and where my natural gifts lie sit solidly at the core of my work and my life.

Care to join me?


I invite you to schedule your complementary 30-minute Strategy Session to take the first step in Finding Your Flow, Re-Claiming Your Life & Living with Leadership.

Reach me at

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