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"A FEW SESSIONS into the process, not having had the experience of coaching before, I find the give and take of the conversation during sessions intriguing.  The coach taps into my sensibility as an artist; she understands how to use the visual as a tool.  Her questions are thought-provoking. The meeting feels like a brainstorming session geared toward carving building blocks which can be incorporated into new structures."

“THANK YOU for your absolute miracle workings in my being able to let go of my unsatisfying “old” career.  It took a bulldozer to move through that wall. 


Letting go has made me happier than I have ever been and it feels incredibly exciting to be creating a new future.”

"MAUREEN HAS THIS WAY of discovering things about me, my way of being, acting, behaving and thinking that I myself can’t see.  She can pinpoint obstacles that I am blind to – the imaginary walls I build around myself, when I’m stopping myself, where my talents lie, which directions are possible – things that I had no awareness of before doing this work – and, she is always spot on!”

Professional Artist and Architect

Professional Services Business Owner



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