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Five Tips for Creating REAL Change…

Updated: Feb 7, 2019

The five tips for making REAL CHANGE possible…

1. You have to REALLY WANT IT. I mean, truly, deeply, doggedly want change. There are all types of forces that want you, and your circumstances, to stay the same. Your brain, for one thing. Neuroplasticity has great potential (and the ‘plasticity’ part needs activating!)

2. You need to be REALLY CLEAR about the change you want. Being unhappy and dissatisfied and wanting change is where most of us spend our time. We languish here. It’s so easy to see. So easy to get stuck in, like taffy or tar (or a sticky glue trap). What you focus on expands… Turn your focus to the CHANGE YOU WANT.

3. You need to step beyond your circumstances to create real change. We all want circumstances to get in lock-step with what we need and want. Here’s the thing: Most of us are managing circumstances rather than LEADING OUR LIVES. The force for meaningful change is YOU. The locus for change is internal.

4. High-impact change involves work. You’ve got to step in to ‘THE WORK OF CHANGE,’ relentlessly, 24/7/365. Complaining, worrying, not sleeping, irritability, being a control freak, having anxiety attacks, spiraling into negative self-talk, criticizing others - these are the work of stasis. Real Change comes through Practice, Commitment, Strategy, Intention and yes, some measure of Sacrifice. Does this sound exhausting? Think again! Nothing is more exhausting than seriously needing change and not creating it. That’s what drains energy and leads to the downward spiral.

5. You need to really NOT WANT the thing it is you’re wanting to change. Get all snuggly and cozy with the thing you can’t stand anymore. What are you ENTIRELY DONE WITH? It may seem counter-intuitive, but rather than avoiding, negating, tuning out, anesthetizing or finding other ways to get away from what you can’t stand, let your extreme distaste for it become disgustingly crystal clear. Your CREATIVITY has no greater ally for stepping into the clarity, motivation and commitment you need to get numbers 1-4 into action!

What I know is that accomplishing REAL Change is possible. Having worked with hundreds of people in workshops, groups and private practice, I also know that having allies and support are your keys to its success.


If you are grappling with needing change, know that I specialize in creating

High-Impact Change; in re-designing and re-engineering what my clients need and want in life, leadership and business.

It is my pleasure to offer you a

complimentary 30-minute Strategy Session

to get your change started!

Please contact me to schedule:

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