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The Frig?

Updated: Mar 19, 2018

This blog post – my first BTW, is about my REFRIGERATOR.

That’s right – I finally go through the throes of getting a blog set up, and I’m going to talk about The Frig.

We all have one. We can all relate. We probably all have ambiguous and somewhat uncomfortable relationships with The Frig.

You see, I cannot remember a time (other than yesterday, or on particular days of yore when I moved out of a NYC apartment and didn’t want my security deposit withheld) that I actually cleaned The Frig. Oh, don’t get me wrong. I’ve wiped up spills, polished the shiny stainless steel front, put a box of baking soda in there here and there. But, remove everything and deep clean the frig? NEVER. I mean, NEVER. Who DOES that? Who has TIME for that? Who would CHOOSE to do that? And yet, every frig I know could probably use it.

Well…here’s the thing: I CHOSE to do it YESTERDAY. I’ve been ruminating for a few weeks about New Year 2018. I’m passionate about my work. I’m even more passionate about my clients. I’m passionate about serving more clients. I’m passionate about expanding my business to make as much positive impact on people’s lives as I can find time to reach. With clients the issues I deal with are Big Stuff, What Matters.

Yet, I’ve been angry and unsettled in some ambiguous and powerful way since the Holidays, not able to put my hands on what’s up, that is, until ‘The Frig Thing’ blasted its way into my consciousness: I’m DONE not having time to clean my frig. DONE. DONER THAN DONE. (It’s never about The Frig, or the kitchen sink, as they say.) I’m DONE with not having time to live a Manageable Life. DONE with not having time to brush my beautiful, hairy dog or go to a ballet class. DONE with not having ENOUGH TIME, enough RESOURCES, enough SPACE, enough ENERGY to do what needs to be done. DONE with, scrambling, stressing, feeling anxious, losing sleep and generally feeling like what I do isn’t enough and What Matters doesn’t’ count.

So, I TOOK A STAND! I dropped EVERYTHING. I CLEANED my frig – top to bottom, inside and out. Given the state of things, it was BOLD. Courageous even.

So, I’m taking a beautiful, bold, courageous stand for myself, my clients and those who I hope will soon be my clients for a Manageable, Meaningful, Magnificent Life. Somehow in the mix of things in 2018 that simple thing became complicated—something that is the stuff of dreams and bucket lists and retirement planning and ‘when I get it all done.’

Take a stand! Join me! Let me support you in making 2018 the Best Manageable Year of Your Life!

Give me a call!


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