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Pushing the Limits...

Today I was confronted by something I’ve done my entire adult life; a thing I experience most of us doing (including YOU, most likely) most of the time.

Pushing the Limits.

We're encouraged to do it. It's got a valiant vibe. Thought of as noble. It's a must if you want to be successful, to get ahead (or hold onto the 'ahead' you've already gotten.) I mean, everyone is doing more...

Here's the thing: When I hit my limit, be it physical, mental, emotional or spiritual, there is an automatic superhuman who jumps in to do MORE.” Always MORE. Even when I am fully aware that I’ve hit a limit (of fatigue, of frustration, of sore muscles, of overwhelm, of patience) I know I need to push to DO MORE. BE MORE. DO BETTER. BE BETTER. MORE, MORE, MORE.

What is crystal clear to me today as I write this is that that the ‘MORE’ relates to some thing that disguises itself as drive, ambition and excellence. More sometimes relates to an innate lack of trust. A sense of not being enough. A not trusting that limits have purpose. Not owning that that the limit is mine to define. Surely the universe (or my work, friends, family or dog) won’t accept this (me) as good enough. I've got to DO, BE, DELIVER MORE or __________ is at stake (the blank is always there, clamoring be filled.)

There are times when MORE is related to fear. MORE undervalues worth. MORE relates to loss, impending or real. MORE paints some ambiguous landscape of catastrophic failure or consequence that is hanging out there waiting to grab me.


You likely know that I specialize in Life Strategy related to leadership, self-worth, stress, burn-out, overwhelm, anxiety, work/life balance (make that 'Work-Life Integration,' because I have A LOT to say about ‘Balance’ as an objective, but that’ll be for another day).

I am an expert in Reclaiming Your Life & Your Leadership.

Here is my expert wisdom for today:

Enough is enough.

Your Limits are Real.

Trust yours.

Trust yourself.

Honor your limits.

Honor Yourself.

Live into them.

Your life depends on it.

In respect for the limits that are yours (and mine),



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