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I Have a Dream...


As we celebrate this esteemed National Holiday, it seems the ideal time to step into The Dream.

All of us have had a dream - Many, in fact. And yet, in my experience working with hundreds of people - in corporations, individually and in group workshops and training- most of us are NOT standing in our dream, if we are even in touch with what it is, or was.

For so many of us, the dream has vanished, has been buried, has been squeezed out of us, burned out of us, criticized out of us or just left by the side of the road in our scramble to keep up with the demands of daily life and corporate survival. Many have even bought into the idea that The Dream is nothing but Fantasy - something to be found in Fairy Tales. That there is no place for The Dream in 'Real Life.'

I am here to tell you that not only is The Dream REAL, you MUST have it. Like water, food, shelter and love, you need The Dream. At the very core of the human condition is the need to actualize that which is greater than the Now, greater than the Self as it stands in this moment. You are a composite of your history, what you have been, what you are now, and what you are Becoming. The Dream is that Becoming.

So, whether Your Dream is personal, professional, familial, social, physical, ecological or spiritual, or some combination of them all, I want to embolden you to hold it, cherish it, get clear about it, know that it is Real - that the very holding of it as possible and necessary gives you the vision, drive, motivation and activation to make it Real - to manifest it. You NEED The Dream. The Dream needs YOU. We need YOUR Dream.

My work with individuals, corporations and groups is to activate and re-invent The Dream that has been overlooked, shattered, buried, ignored, squeezed out or burned out. I work with clients at all levels and in all walks of life and business to

re-create and re-design the Lost Dream and to Manifest it - to step into growth, leadership, change, self-identity, empowerment, clarity and activation to bring The Dream ALIVE. To bring The Dream HOME.

Dare to imagine what happens then...

If you have a lost or latent dream, if difficult circumstances have caused you to put your dream aside or if you are actively working on your dream and are committed to realizing it, be in touch with me to develop a plan to realize it.

Your world awaits!

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