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Updated: Mar 21, 2018

Welcome to the first of Lessons from Laszlo, a most insightful category of The Brilliance Blog.

Laszlo is a 2-year old Chinese Crested Powder Puff (yes…that was ‘Powder Puff’). A quick glance at his headshot will tell the tale of his ‘PP’ designation by the AKC. He’s a source of endless wisdom (I am NOT kidding on this point). He has attained enlightenment around issues most humans struggle with. Take self-worth, for instance.

Laz lives in the consummate knowledge that he is enough. As a former beauty king (make that show dog) he knows he’s ‘got it’ and struts his stuff any chance he gets! He lives that magnificent sense of self with complete Abandon. He’s learned what so many of us forget (or have never fully embraced in the first place), that We Are Enough. We Matter. Being Who We Are is Magnificent. Relationship Matters Most. We are loveable, even when we need a good brushing, have eaten the forbidden bag of chips or have tear stains on our cheeks.

Laz knows that Living with Abandon (caps no mistake) is The Answer! While widdling, chewing, chasing his porcupine ball, turning his belly up for tickles, squeaking rubber chicken, playing with his doggie pal ‘Gizmo,’ loving his family or receiving their love, Laz is All-In. He steps into his life with commitment and abandon, never thinking to hold back. He has a Full Heart. A Full Life. Clear Values. Clear Intentions. He knows he is loveable and he naturally thinks others are too.

So, understandably, human lives have quite a bit going on, but do the real issues change all that much or do we choose to complicate things? Here’s Laz’s wisdom: We humans could stand a BIG reframe around ‘Abandon.’ You see, we tend to add the suffix ,‘ment,’ to it, particulalry when things get hairy: ‘Abandonment.’ Of Self. Of Other. Of Values. Of Time. Of Sleep. Of Health. Of Self-Worth. Of What Matters Most.

So, “Woof Woof!“ Wake up and smell the Limited Ingredient bowl of kibbles. The time is now to live our lives fully, with commitment and abandon, in all the right ways.



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LOVE THIS! wish I had a dog to talk to:)

Me gusta
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