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Life takes many turns.  What is simple becomes complex.  Many of us get stalled by impasses, circumstances, exhaustion or the ‘snowball effect.’ Maureen takes a Co-Active Approach to coaching, working with clients to become clear about who they are, what they want for themselves, and who they are becoming. 


Wherever there is frustration or impasse, there is opportunity for
the client to discover the wonder, magic and brilliance

of who they truly are.” -Maureen


Maureen’s Professional & Executive Coaching clients range from Venture Capitalists & C-Suite  Executives to middle managers, artists, dancers & college students.  Whether the client’s focus is on enhancing performance, achieving work/life balance, attaining clarity and forward-movement or taking on a new position or responsibilities (or leaving them behind),  Maureen connects closely with her professional coaching clients to bring clarity to their purpose and path and to move them into a place of ‘Authentic Satisfaction.’


Maureen brings particular sensitivity, compassion, experience and life-affirming potential to clients who are navigating the complexities of relationships, marriage, birth, parenting, family, aging, divorce, separation, nuclear and extended family issues.  She is also well-versed in working with clients through illness, loss, death and grief.  These fundamental life stages often confront us with challenges and difficulties we do not feel fully prepared to take on.  Maureen offers clients valuable Coaching partnerships to support and navigate these transitions in a naturally creative, resourceful and whole manner.

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