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Through Me...

Lately, I’ve been doing more letting life happen Through me, rather than To me.

So what??? One single word was changed.

Big deal, right?

Small distinction, right?

Who am I anyway, William Safire…?

Here’s what I know: The internal shift that happens when you ‘get’ this (concept gifted to me by my own Guru Coach) is life-altering; like a tectonic shift of the earth’s crust. Nothing is ever the same. Ever.

Rather than beating the odds, being resilient, struggling to get ahead, being a conquistador of difficult circumstances, surviving bad fortune and holding rage about unfair treatment, there is something else that starts to happen: You become an engaged, creative, dynamic, owner, chooser and co-creator of your own life. You begin to lead it, rather than react to it. Life and its circumstances start to enable you, support you and contribute to your success, rather than being the subject of something that you need to ‘deal with’ or ‘overcome.’

Here’s the thing… You’re not off the hook – it’s not like you can stand back, let life ‘happen’ to you and let the chips fall where they may. Oh No! That’s Not it!

You’ve got to give it everything you’ve got. Wake up with intention, intelligence, creativity, motivation, awareness and drive. Do the work. Invest yourself. Commit.

Take care of yourself and your health, mental, physical and emotional. You need to fire up the sails and move in your direction. You see, it’s all up to you (only now, you have the universe on your side).

Listen. Watch carefully for the signals. Be present. Be aware. Focus on the

co-creation, the ‘good work’ and the all-in commitment to what you know you need to be doing and being. Here is The Gift: You can let go of controlling each and every outcome. (You're not that powerful). You can let go of worrying about being a 'Failure.' (There is only learning.) You can let go of whether or not you’re ‘good enough.’ (Of course you are. The universe knows that. It’s your Given. Time you owned it!)

You are likely to find out that life is moving through you in exactly the way it needs to to enable you to expand into your next step. Step In

Let me know what happens, will you? I’ve got stories to tell. I’m sure you will too!

Here’s to you with the wind in your sails and the tectonic plates on your side,



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